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What is the trend of silicone prices?

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Global Silicone Network, August 30th: Last week, DMC first stabilized and then rose, and the overall price rose sharply. The cost value of the silicone industry chain continued to increase. This week, the upstream production enterprises' installations were relatively stable, supporting the spot market supply. Most manufacturers raised their ex-factory prices to boost the spot market atmosphere. Holders followed the market, reluctant to sell their stocks, and their quotations went up overall. However, the downstream ability to accept high prices is limited, the industry is cautious, the wait-and-see atmosphere is strong in the market, and there are only few purchases that need to be purchased, and the overall trading situation is difficult to change.


As of August 27, the DMC market price in East China was 37-37.5 yuan/KG. The domestic DMC market supply has been in tension for a long time this year, supporting the spot market. During the week, the bidding situation of a monomer factory was better than expected, which stimulated the spot market atmosphere. The rigid demand of downstream manufacturers still exists, but the downstream resists high prices, and the rigid demand purchases are limited, and the trading turns to be deserted. In summary, the domestic organic silicon market is expected to maintain high prices next week. It is recommended to pay attention to the price changes in the DMC market and the dynamic changes in the middle and lower reaches.

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