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What is the softening mechanism of amino silicone oil?

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The excellent flexibility of amino silicone oil comes from its basic geometric molecular configuration. The main chain of polysiloxane is a twisted, spiral-shaped linear structure, which is composed of silicon atoms and oxygen atoms alternately, surrounding -Si- The energy required for O-bond rotation is almost zero, which indicates that the rotation of -Si-O- is free and can rotate 360°, which makes the main chain very flexible. There are two methyl groups on each silicon atom of polydimethylsiloxane, and these two methyl groups are on the plane perpendicular to the connecting line of two adjacent oxygen atoms.

The amino group in the amino silicone oil has strong polarity, interacts with the hydroxyl and carboxyl groups on the surface of the fiber, and is very firmly oriented and adsorbed on the fiber. The -Si-O- bond main chain and the methyl group and polydimethyl group on the silicon atom Like siloxane, the static friction coefficient between the fibers is reduced, and a slight force can make the fibers slide, so that it feels soft and smooth.

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