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What is the shrinkage mechanism of knitted fabrics?

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Shrinkage is the internal stress when the knitted fabric is stretched during the dyeing and finishing and use process to return to its original size, that is, the internal stress in the relaxed state without external force, which is determined by the structure of the knitted fabric.

Knitted fabrics are knitted by different knitting machines with different loop structures, such as ribs, cotton wool, and jersey. In the process of knitting, dyeing and finishing, and consumers wearing and washing the garment, the loops of the fabric are stretched to different degrees, forming different degrees of shrinkage stress on the fabric. When the fabric or garment is fully washed and dried, , The shrinkage stress of the fabric will make the fabric return to a relaxed state, and its vertical and transverse directions will shrink in size due to shrinkage, and the shrinking process is shrinkage.

The shrinkage of the fabric is formed by the shrinkage stress. When the residual shrinkage of the fabric is in a lower range, the shrinkage stress becomes smaller. This is because the frictional resistance between the fabric loops offsets the shrinkage stress, and the friction between the fabric loops The amount of force depends on the fabric's structure and the elasticity of the yarn itself. When the fabric's elasticity is not enough to overcome the frictional resistance, you can increase the fabric's kinetic energy or compress the loops to increase the fabric's ability to counteract the contraction pressure, and make the fabric's residual contraction. Reach the minimum.

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