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What is the role of silicone coating?

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The best silicone coating can increase the tear resistance of the fabric by more than 50%. The silicone elastomer coating has high flexibility and low elastic modulus, allowing yarns to migrate and form yarn bundles when the fabric tears. The tearing strength of general fabrics is always lower than the tensile strength. However, when the coating is applied, the yarn can be moved at the tearing extension point, and two or more yarns can push each other to form a yarn bundle and significantly improve the tear resistance.

The silicone coating can produce a water repellent effect, so that the textile will not absorb too much water, so as to prevent the wetting effect from increasing the weight. The silicone rubber layer can filter out most of the harmful ultraviolet rays in the sun, and has a soft hand feeling. Silicone coatings are now used in airbag fabrics, hot air balloons, paragliders, spinnakers, tents, sleeping bags, and many high-performance sports and leisure fabrics.

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