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What is the process of hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) bleaching?

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The fabric bleached with hydrogen peroxide has better whiteness, pure shade, and is not easy to yellow during storage. It is widely used in bleaching cotton fabrics. Oxygen bleaching is more adaptable than chlorine bleaching, but hydrogen peroxide is more expensive than sodium hypochlorite, and oxygen bleaching requires stainless steel equipment, which consumes more energy and costs more than chlorine bleach.

Hydrogen peroxide bleaching: At present, the open-width steaming bleaching method is widely used in printing and dyeing factories. This method has a high degree of continuity, automation, and production efficiency. The process is simple and does not cause environmental pollution.

The hydrogen peroxide bleaching process is as follows: rolling hydrogen peroxide bleaching liquid→steaming→water washing. The bleaching solution contains hydrogen peroxide (100%) 2~6g/L, adjust the pH value to 10~11 with caustic soda, add stabilizer and wetting agent, pad the bleaching solution at room temperature, and steam at 95~100℃ for 45~ 60min, then wash out the cloth with water.

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