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What is the principle of deep agent

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The cause of the deepest agent is that in the context of increasingly strict environmental protection requirements, the dyeing factory in the textile industry is trying to innovate the process of dyeing the dyeing section, minimize the use of dyeing materials, on the one hand, reduce material costs, and on the other hand, and on the other hand Can reduce pollution emissions. In recent years, a deepest agent has appeared in the market. Once launched, it is welcomed by the city.

Deep deepest agent is a kind of additive for improving decentralized dyes on polyester fiber fabrics.

Regarding the mechanism of deepest agents: After the dye and deepest agent form a low co -melting material, accelerate the former spread inside the fiber, or deepen deepest agent to swell fiber, which is convenient for dyes to spread to it.

Deep agents can be divided into two categories: dyeing and dyeing after dyeing. The principle of deepening the former is actually modified on the surface of the fiber, thereby changing or improving the nature of the fiber surface, improving the affinity of fiber and dyes on the coatings and dyes, so that the color materials are better absorbed and fixed; The dissolving performance in the solution, or slightly changing the dye structure and other methods to improve the dyeing performance; the latter's deepening principle is to cover a layer of low refractive index on the surface of the fiber surface The degree, thereby obtaining a better appearance dark effect. Such deep agents have good practical value for dyed dyeing depth, or dark products with large dyes in dye.

It is currently commonly used in the market and is also a deepest agent for dyeing, mainly resin and organic silicon oil.

In fact, after the sorting of silicon oil, the softness and slippery of the fabric not only improved, but also the depth effects also improved to varying degrees.

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