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What is the price situation of polyester filament yarn?

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The fluctuation of raw material prices has always touched the heartstrings of textile people. For textile enterprises that have not prepared enough raw materials before the festival, the intensive rise in the beginning of the year is extremely worrying. For textile people who are used to buying up and not buying down, this time Why is it difficult for production and sales to improve so much?

On the one hand, with the continuous rise of oil prices in the early stage, the United States has loosened its sanctions on Iran. In order to curb the current high oil prices, the release of Iranian crude oil has become an important way to suppress crude oil prices. Since the 8th, oil prices have fallen by more than 2% from a high in nearly seven years, which has brought down the price of futures such as PTA and MEG. With the reduction of crude oil and polymerization raw materials overnight, the cost support has weakened, and polyester filament manufacturers have insufficient motivation to continue to rise, and they are more stable and wait-and-see.

On the other hand, most downstream weaving enterprises plan to resume work and production in the middle of the month. At present, only a small number of enterprises are driving, and most enterprises are waiting for their employees to return to work. The weaving operating rate is expected to be on the right track by the end of February, and many weaving manufacturers have stockpiles before the festival. Therefore, The enthusiasm for purchasing after the festival is not high, depending on the price of raw materials. However, the high price resistance of downstream users has heated up, and the production and sales of polyester filament has dropped significantly.

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