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What is the function of multifunctional leveling powder?

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Cotton is a natural cellulose fiber, soft to the touch, good warmth, and comfortable to wear. It is widely used in the clothing industry. When cotton products are dyed with brighter and sensitive colors, they are prone to color patterns and color spots, and they are also prone to color difference between the inner and outer layers when dyeing cheese. Even if the special leveling agent for emerald blue and emerald green is added, the appearance is not very good. Satisfactory color, color point, layer difference and other issues.


Adding multi-functional leveling powder in the pre-treatment has a strong diffusion effect on fabric mildew, mildew and oil stains, and has a good impurity removal effect; when dyeing, adding multi-functional leveling powder (0.3~1.5g/l) to the green Sensitive colors such as blue and emerald green can significantly reduce the hydrolysis of reactive dyes, reduce the generation of yin and yang colors, improve product quality, and make product colors more vivid and uniform. At the same time, it also reduces sewage discharge, reduces production costs, and improves production efficiency.


Adding multifunctional leveling powder during soaping can improve the soaping fastness and washing fastness of the product, and is suitable for cotton, polyester-cotton and other products. It has a strong dispersing and leveling effect when dyeing polyester with disperse dyes; Functional leveling powder is a kind of pretreatment, dyeing auxiliary agent with permeability, leveling and dispersibility. It can also be used in place of desolidifying agent when repairing products. It is a multi-functional and multi-purpose textile chemical product.

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