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What is the definition of oxygen bleaching stabilizer?

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Hydrogen peroxide is the most commonly used oxidizing bleaching agent in the pretreatment bleaching process, whether it is alkaline oxygen two baths, scouring and bleaching one bath, desiccation and bleaching one bath or cold pile bleaching, in order to avoid the ineffectiveness of hydrogen peroxide in the presence of alkaline conditions and metal ions Decomposition, increase the degree of oxygen bleaching and reduce the loss of fiber strength, hydrogen peroxide stabilizer plays a key role.

1. Adsorption stability theory:

The high-molecular micelles can absorb heavy metal ions through static electricity or hydrogen bonds to achieve the purpose of stability.

Such stabilizers include: water glass, fatty acid magnesium, polyacrylamide partial hydrolysate, polycarboxylate and so on.

2. Complexation stability theory:

A stable water-soluble complex is formed by chelating the sequestrant with the metal ion, thereby preventing the heavy metal from catalyzing.

Such stabilizers include phosphates, amino carboxylates, alcohol amines, hydroxy carboxylates and phosphates.

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