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What is the color reduction of disperse dye leveling agent?

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For disperse dye leveling agent or color repairing agent, while achieving good retardation and migration effects, the smaller the decolorization, the better the performance of the auxiliary. The test method for decolorization is recommended as follows:

1. Experimental materials:

Sample: 4g polyester knitted fabric treated before degreasing


Levelling agent x g/L

C.I. Disperse Blue 79# 0.05% (O.M.F)

pH: 4.5

Bath ratio: 1:20

2. Experimental technology:

Dyeing at 40, heating to 130for 30min, dyeing for 60min, take out the cloth sample, wash with water, and dry.

3. Result evaluation:

Using the blank (no levelling agent) dyed fabric sample strength as the standard sample, determine the color strength and color difference DE (also visually detectable) of the dyed fabric sample under different leveling agents (color correction agents) and dosage conditions, the higher the strength , The smaller the color difference, the less the color reduction.


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