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What is the cause of stains during the dyeing process?

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Spots are mixed with white, light, dark or black spots or markings in the single color of the dyed product.



White stains: Repellents (such as wax spots, etc.), splashes of water droplets on the fabric.

Light-colored stains: There are repellents or fleece on the fabric.

Dark stains: related to the quality of the fabric before dyeing.

Rust spots: the presence of rust on fabrics, equipment, and water

Spotting: the fabric is not cooked through in the scouring process

Alkali spots: the fabric on the scouring process is not cleaned by alkali

Calcium spots: presence of calcium ions

Mildew: there are sizing mold spots on the fabric


main reason

The oil stain on the fabric was not cleaned during the pretreatment, and the oil stain was darker during dyeing;

There is too much foam in the dyeing bath, and the mixture of foam, floral sweaters, dyes, etc. sticks to the fabric;

The floating oil of the defoamer causes dark oil spots; or the tar in the dyeing tank sticks to the fabric;

Dye agglomerates to form dark spots under different conditions

Excessive calcium and magnesium ions in water combine with dyes and stick to fabrics.

"It needs to be treated in a targeted manner, such as adding a degreasing agent for scouring during pretreatment, low-foaming and non-foaming additives for dyeing auxiliaries, and defoaming agents that are not easy to float. To prevent dye agglutination, use the tank cleaning agent to clean the tank and wash the light spots in time.

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