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What is the cause of fabric yellowing?

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Yellowing, especially the yellowing of white or light-colored elastic fabrics during finishing, storage and transportation is a major challenge faced by fabric finishers.


The yellowing problem may cause complaints and conflicts between the organizer and the clothing manufacturer or even the customer. In addition, finishing to avoid or eliminate fabric yellowing is time-consuming and costly. Therefore, this problem cannot be ignored.


Generally speaking, textile manufacturers must deal with yellowing caused by temperature and storage. But yellowing of elastic fabrics is a more complicated phenomenon that must be considered to be avoided. A certain degree of yellowing may be caused by fabric heat setting, contact heat forming, storage, heat setting and storage in oxynitride, and forming of foam-lined fabrics (such as women's corsets). The yellowing tendency of elastic fabrics varies based on different materials and fiber additives used. Those who suffer from the yellowing problem have many discussions without boundaries.


On the contrary, the diversity and high demand of customers are:


One color with high whiteness and high brightness;

Low yellowing during molding (color and luster match the original sample);

One phenolic yellowing assessment mark 4 is the minimum standard, which serves as the bottom line for storage yellowing;

The final pH of a finished product is 4-7;

One to prevent exposure to NOx


Fabric finishers often have to make concessions to achieve these goals. Preventing phenolic yellowing is often considered the most important aspect of elastic polyamide fabric finishing, but this is only one of many interfering factors.



When the finishing results focus on excellent protection against yellowing in storage, the possibility of meeting other requirements (such as a product with a neutral to weakly acidic pH) will be limited. These effects and the problems involved can only be controlled by selecting special textile auxiliaries and corresponding processes.


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