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What is the Anti-back Staining agent?

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Anti-back Stainer agent is a special non-ionic hydrophilic polymer surfactant, and its

super strong continuous anti-dye effect is unparalleled. Because of its special

macromolecular structure, it has the function of complexing dye molecules and the

high dispersion of surface active substances, so it can ensure efficient anti-staining

effect in applications. Physical and Chemical Specification

Light yellow fine particles, non-ionic

Can be bathed with enzymes or added to enzyme powder to enhance anti-stain effect

Good stability, and environmental protection products do not contain APEO, compared with imported products, it has more cost-effective advantages

The temperature is widely used, and it has super anti-staining effect at 20-60

High saturation, the greater the amount, the better the effect

Lasting anti-smudge ability, with continuous anti-smudge effect within 60 minutes

Acid and alkali resistant electrolyte

Product traits

Appearance: light yellow powder

PH value: 5-7

Ionicity: non-ionic

Solubility: easily soluble in warm water

Scope of application

Anti-staining treatment of denim washing process

Direction for Usage

1) Reference dosage: dipping method 0.5-2g / L

2) Application examples:


Anti-back Stainer powder 0.5-2g / L

Enzyme 0.5g / L

Bath ratio 1: 5-1: 20, treatment at 20-60 for 20-60 minutes over water

dehydration drying

This product can be directly mixed with water at various temperatures and neutral and

acid cellulase, which can promote the vitality of the enzyme. Storage and Package

The product should be sealed in a ventilated, dry room temperature environment. 25 KG in nylon woven bag.

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