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What is mercerized cotton fabric?

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First, the yarn is singed to remove the miscellaneous hairs on the surface of the thread, and then the yarn has tension in the high temperature alkali. The greater the tension, the better the gloss; the higher the alkali concentration, the better the mercerizing effect and the better the yarn Bright and slippery. It not only maintains the breathability, softness, and strong moisture absorption properties of cotton, but also has the smooth and bright characteristics of silk. The cloth ends of mercerized cotton fabrics are beautiful and comfortable.

High resilience mercerized silicone oil: It is a special modified organosiloxane polymer. It is suitable for the elasticity, mercerizing and toning finishing of high-end fabrics such as cotton, rayon, tencel, nylon and modal. At the same time, it has excellent high stability, high wrinkle recovery, anti-curling, easy cutting, hydrophilic and washable. Give the fabric an excellent skin comfort.

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