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What is a surfactant emulsifier

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Surfactants are the most important type of emulsifier. Its quantity and variety are unmatched by other types of emulsifiers. It is divided into three categories: anion, cation and non-ion. Anionic applications are the most common. Non-ionics are not afraid of hard water and are not limited by the pH of the medium. They have developed rapidly. Cationic surfactants are not used as emulsifiers.


Anionic emulsifier

Generally used as an emulsifier for O/W emulsions, the HLB value is in the range of 8-18, with strong hydrophilicity. There are several types: [carboxylate type], [sulfate type], [sulfonate type], [phosphate ester]


Cationic emulsifier

To ionize in water to generate positive ion hydrophilic groups with alkyl or aryl groups. There are relatively few types of such emulsifiers, and they are all amine derivatives, such as N-dodecyldimethylamine, which can be used in polymerization reactions.


Non-ionic emulsifier

According to the difference in hydrophilicity and lipophilicity, it can be used as an emulsifier for O/W and W/O emulsions. The main types are: [ether type] and [ester type]

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