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What is Liquid ammonia finishing?

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Liquid ammonia finishing is mainly for cotton fabrics. It is a fabric post-treatment process, which is mainly processed in liquid ammonia after the fabric is formed, which can effectively improve the fabric structure and greatly improve the fabric's hand feel, fiber toughness and anti-wrinkle performance! Therefore, liquid ammonia mercerizing is particularly suitable for resin-finished cotton fabrics, but the cost is relatively high.

1. The fabric treated with liquid ammonia will feel smoother, because liquid ammonia has strong corrosive properties, which can burn off the hair balls on the surface of the fabric!

2. After liquid ammonia treatment, the fiber toughness of the fabric has been greatly improved, which can effectively improve the wear resistance of the fabric and improve the wearing life!

3. For the fabric treated with liquid ammonia, the overall fiber structure has changed, and the anti-wrinkle performance has also been improved, so that the fabric that was easy to wrinkle will not get wrinkled now!

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