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What do you know about silicone sealent?

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Silicone glue is a kind of ointment that solidifies into a tough, rubber-like solid when exposed to moisture in the air.When buying or choosing silicone glue, we need to know where different types of sealant are suitable for, there is attention to?

Types and uses of silicone glue:

(1) structure sealant

Features: bear wind load, gravity load, high requirements on strength, aging resistance, elasticity has certain requirements.

Application: mainly used for metal-to-glass structure or non-structural bonding assembly of glass curtain wall.It can directly connect the glass and metal component surface to form a single assembly, to meet the curtain wall design requirements of fully hidden or semi-hidden frame.Structural bonding and sealing of insulating glass.

(2) insulating glass with two silicone sealant

Features: high modulus, not too soft, some have structural requirements.

Purpose: double sealing of insulating glass to ensure the structure stability of insulating glass.

(3), weather resistant sealant

Features: need to bear large joint width change, elasticity (displacement capacity), high aging resistance, does not require strength, high modulus, low modulus can be.

Application: suitable for all kinds of curtain wall weatherproof seal;Joint sealing of metal, glass, aluminum, ceramic tile, concrete, masonry, aluminum and coating surfaces.

(4) ordinary silicone sealant

Features: to withstand the change of joint width, there is a certain displacement capacity requirements, do not require strength.

Application: door and window joints, wall sealing and other positions.

(5) special purpose silicone sealant

Features: Need to have some special performance (such as mildew, fire, etc.).

Application: used for sealing joints with special requirements, such as fireproof, mildew proof etc.The joint sealant of kitchen and bathroom should have mildew proof performance

Note when using silicone sealant

1, from the date of production, the general shelf life is about 6 months;

2, silicone sealant is not suitable for the surface of building materials oozing grease, plasticizer or other solvents;

3, do not use on the paint surface, may be caused by cracking or peeling paint film sealing failure;

4, silicone sealant to maintain the original sealed state stored in a cool and dry place;

5, can not be used in direct contact with food surface or prone to mechanical wear places, so as not to eat.

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