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What are the uses of silicone 2?

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Non-woven fabrics and fabric silicone coatings

Using silicone as a softening agent for non-woven fabrics is strong and soft, and it is easier to cut and sew. It can also reduce the surface tension of the resin binder, make the resin evenly spread on the fiber surface, and improve the utilization rate of the binder. . Silicone fabric coating can improve the elongation and elongation recovery of knitwear, improve the abrasion resistance and shrinkage resistance of the fabric, have pressure rail resistance, and can produce an elastic hand-feel memory", which promotes the wearing process of the fabric Restore to a certain equilibrium position after neutralization and washing.

Hygienic finishing of textiles

It has the advantages of long-lasting antibacterial effect, safety and reliability, and wide antibacterial range. The sanitary finishing can achieve the best antibacterial and mildew resistance, and has excellent deodorant performance. It is suitable for socks, singles, underwear, sportswear, carpets, etc. The anti-mildew, anti-odor finishing of household daily necessities, the protection and decoration of ancient cultural relics, and the disinfection of medical surgical scalpels have excellent effects.

Defoaming during printing and dyeing

Organosilicon defoamers have the characteristics of low dosage and good effect. At the same time, they are harmless to organisms, can reduce pollution, have no effect on other additives in the dyeing bath, and do not affect the color fastness. Therefore, more and more attention is paid. Silicone defoaming agents can be used in four forms: silicone oil, silicone oil mixture, silicone oil solution and emulsified silicone oil, and are divided into non-aqueous phase defoaming and water phase defoaming in application. It can be used in silk industry, bleaching and dyeing industry, knitting industry and other processes such as dyeing, washing, bleaching, surface treatment, desizing, resin finishing, printing and dyeing, printing and dyeing solvent recovery, dry cleaning, jet dyeing, mercerizing, non-woven fabrics and carpet production.

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