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What are the types of waterproofing agents?

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One is non-PFOS perfluorooctyl fluorocarbons, which is what we often say to replace C8 waterproofing agent with C6 or C4 waterproofing agent. Although these fluorine compounds reduce bioaccumulation and toxicity, their safety still needs further verification. Moreover, PFOA is a by-product of the production of fluorocarbon waterproofing additives. The so-called "PFOA Free" is not completely free of PFOA, but is lower than the minimum detectable limit, so there are still some potential hazards.

The other is a fluorine-free water repellent that is completely fluorine-free. Fluorine-free waterproofing agent is a general term for several categories of waterproofing agents. As long as the waterproofing agent does not contain fluorocarbon resin, it can become a fluorine-free waterproofing agent.

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