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What are the types of silicone defoamers?

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In the industrial production processes of petroleum, rubber, coatings, textiles, etc., if there is a large amount of foam, it will not only inconvenient the production and operation, waste equipment capacity, but also affect the quality of the product. Therefore, it is necessary to effectively control the foam during the production process. Generally, the elimination of foam can be achieved by physical methods such as high-speed centrifugation, decompression, and ultrasound. However, under the conditions of the increasing scale of industrial production and higher and higher production efficiency requirements, it is necessary to quickly and effectively eliminate the continuously generated bubbles in the shortest possible time, and new and more effective methods are needed. .

At present, there are many varieties, models and names of organic silicon defoamers at home and abroad, and their performances are different. Generally, they can be divided into oil (grease) type, solution type, emulsion type, solid type and modified silicone oil type.

Silicone defoamer not only has good defoaming and anti-foaming effects, but also has the characteristics of low dosage, good chemical inertness, and can play a role under harsh conditions. In recent years, it has developed rapidly and is suitable for different use environments. New varieties and new models Continue to produce, and the application area is also constantly expanding. In the future, new and efficient silicone defoamers with strong applicability and can further improve product quality and equipment utilization will be further developed, especially polyether modified silicone defoamers and emulsion defoamers with excellent performance. The market occupies a major position.

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