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What are the types and characteristics of oil remover?

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(1) Solvent type

The most representative one is the degreaser mainly composed of tetrachloroethylene compound surfactant. Its advantages are good degreasing effect, easy to obtain raw materials, simple process flow, and the biggest disadvantage is that it is toxic and cannot be decomposed when used in large quantities in industry. , It is very harmful to the environment.

(2) Inorganic salt type

With soda ash and inorganic salt as the main body, it is compounded with a small amount of surfactant. Its advantage is that it is cost-effective, can be dyed in the same bath in one step, and has strong detergency; its disadvantage is that it has poor emulsification and dispersion and weak penetration.

(3) Surfactant type

A complex with anionic/nonionic surfactants as the main body. The main advantages are good emulsification and dispersion, strong penetrating power, and strong degreasing power. It can be used in one step for degreasing and dyeing, and there is more room for further research than the former.

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