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What are the trends of silicone in 2022?

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1. Housing loan interest rates are falling, real estate policies are warming up, mid-to-high-end real estate is gaining momentum, and silicone rubber reignites opportunities

2. Reduce debt and leverage, downstream raw material demand has entered a contraction period

3. The increasing trend of mergers and acquisitions in the industry chain will be concentrated in the downstream

4. Giants of state-owned enterprises will rise, and industry concentration will continue in 2022 and continue to play a role

5. The turning point of the decline in the scale of upstream speculation, from rapid growth to slow shrinking

6. Brand strength, new products appear frequently, and silicone has entered the brand + new product pricing cycle

7. The growth rate of exports is enlarged, and the export of raw materials will grow at a high rate.

8. Prices return to rationality, with little fluctuation throughout the year

9. Diversification is hindered, the upstream shrinks and the product line expands

10. Global demand for silicon products continues to explode, and investment is growing rapidly

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