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What are the requirements for printed grey fabrics?

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Printed grey fabrics have the first place in terms of visual impact due to patterns, so relatively speaking, they have less impact on evenness, neps, and spinning and weaving defects, but they can highlight some defects on the fabric surface, such as crossbars and bamboo. Knots, sparse wefts, hundred feet, wrong wefts, shrinkage, and jumps also need attention.

It must be pointed out that dyeing and printing grey cloth should not be mixed with wrong fibers (different fibers), which will cause very conspicuous defects. Recently, polypropylene packaging fabrics are often mixed in the opening and cleaning process of the spinning department, causing adverse effects. The mixing of warp-directed foreign fibers has a greater impact. In order to prevent the mixing of foreign fibers,the dyed and finished fabrics can be inspected with ultraviolet light (commonly known as black light) before use, which is quite effective in identifying the confusion between natural fibers and chemical fibers.

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