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What are the reasons for the redness of clothes after dry cleaning?

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① The dyes used in this fabric are very sensitive to the oxidation process of the environment. When the ambient temperature is high, the sensitivity of this oxidation process is significantly increased.

②In the process of wearing and using, the various effects of the human body on the clothes (including factors such as daily activities, friction, and the volatilization of human body moisture) will also increase the oxidation sensitivity of the dye on the fabric.

Clothing dry cleaning is a key process for changing the surface color of clothing.

The acidic environment of the dry cleaning agent and the higher drying temperature cause the dye color on the fabric to be oxidized faster, and even undergo qualitative changes.

So, with just one ordinary dry cleaning, redness will suddenly appear.

If we do not use dry cleaning but use water washing, and use natural drying instead of drying, then the redness will not appear.

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