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What are the properties of biological enzymes?

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Biological enzymes have special catalytic functions, and their characteristics are as follows:

Low reaction conditions: The enzyme-catalyzed reaction can be carried out at a relatively mild normal temperature and pressure, unlike general catalysts that require high temperature, high pressure, strong acid, strong base and other reaction conditions.

Can reduce the activation energy of biochemical reactions: Enzymes can reduce the activation energy of the reaction, making the reaction easier. Moreover, the enzyme is theoretically not consumed before and after the reaction, and can be recycled.

Efficiency: As a catalyst, the catalytic efficiency is 107 to 1013 times that of general inorganic catalysts.

Specificity: Enzymes are catalysts that can only promote specific compounds, specific chemical bonds, and specific chemical changes. An enzyme can only catalyze a chemical reaction of one type of substance.

Volatile inactivation: When affected by factors such as ultraviolet rays, heat, rays, surfactants, metal salts, strong acids, strong bases and other chemical reagents (such as oxidants, reducing agents), the secondary and tertiary structures of enzyme proteins are Changed, denaturation inactive.

In 1992, the application test of pectinase in cotton fabric scouring was carried out for the first time. After that, scientific and technological workers at home and abroad have carried out extensive research on the application of various enzymes in textile dyeing and finishing processes. Biological enzymes used in textile dyeing and finishing processes have the characteristics of less dosage, fast reaction, high rate, specific action on special substrates, and mild processing conditions (temperature, pH value, etc.), especially operability. And safety, process energy saving and environmental protection, can replace harmful heavy metal chemicals, products generated by catalytic reaction have good compatibility with the environment, biodegradable in nature, and have unique advantages in saving energy consumption, reducing environmental pollution, and improving product quality. The advantages have been recognized by the textile dyeing and finishing industry, and great progress has been made in the application of textile dyeing and finishing, but there are also some problems.

Only by continuously analyzing and solving various problems in these developments can the green environmental protection technology process of this biological enzyme in textile dyeing and finishing develop faster, and promote my country's textile dyeing and finishing technology process to catch up with and surpass the international advanced technology more quickly Level.

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