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What are the principles for the selection of textile chemical?

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Environmental protection: This is currently the first consideration and must be met. In an international environment, non-environmental additives will be rejected. In addition to checking raw materials, auxiliary manufacturers also conduct third-party testing and certification of finished products. Many dye factories have their own MRSL requirements in this regard. The SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern) list of EU REACH regulations is constantly updated (currently updated to 205), and printing and dyeing companies are given relevant standard certification (such as: Oeko-Tex Standard 100, GOTS, Bluesign and other standards) and procurement guidelines. Facilitate the choice of textile printing and dyeing enterprises.


Applicability: This is the inherent attribute of the additive, and it is also the basic requirement. The printing and dyeing auxiliaries give auxiliary effects to the whole process of textile processing, so that the processing can be carried out smoothly, efficiently and stably. This is the key to the selection of additives, the additives used must meet the processing technology and quality requirements.


Stability: Whether the quality of the auxiliary product is stable or not is directly related to the processing quality and processing efficiency of textiles. Additives with poor stability will seriously affect the quality of the process, cause rework and repairs, and directly affect the cost and delivery time at present.


Economical: The current market competition is fierce and more sensitive to product prices. On the premise of meeting quality requirements and being stable and reliable, it is wise to choose low-cost additives.


Technical support: Printing and dyeing enterprises are increasingly dependent on technical services and support. Timely, powerful and effective technical support is an increasingly important competitive weapon for additives manufacturers.


The above are the principles for the selection of additives and the basis for the scientific selection of additives for printing and dyeing enterprises. If each printing and dyeing enterprise really achieves these, it will be beneficial to the sustainable and healthy development of its own enterprises, and it will also have the effect of survival of the fittest in the auxiliary industry, which is very beneficial to the healthy development of the entire textile printing and dyeing industry.


However, at present, the actual situation is that many printing and dyeing companies have not done the scientific selection of additives, giving many unqualified additives companies a living space, and even bad money expelling good money. This has seriously affected many printing and dyeing companies with poor processing quality, unstable production quality, and low corporate efficiency.

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