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What are the principles and performance of pectinase?

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It has been known that impurities such as waxy substances and pectin mainly exist in the keratinous layer and primary cell wall. Due to the presence of many micropores and cracks on the surface of cotton fibers, the enzyme can penetrate into the keratinous layer and primary cells through these micropores and cracks. In the wall, thereby contacting impurities and degrading them. In the scouring of pectinase, it is generally necessary to add a surfactant as a scouring aid. Pectinase first forms a complex with pectin, and then continues to react with this complex to make it a water-soluble product and dissolve it from the fiber. The pectin and waxy substance in the fiber surface layer are attached to each other, and pectin has the function of sticking the waxy substance in the fiber. As the pectin dissolves from the corneal layer and primary cell wall on the surface of the fiber, the remaining waxy substance structure loosens and is easily emulsified and removed by contact with surfactants.


Enzyme scouring can be carried out in batch, semi-continuous and continuous methods. In the early stage of enzyme scouring research, pectinase is mostly a medium-temperature enzyme, and the processing temperature is between 40 and 65 ℃, which requires a long processing time. In addition, mechanical external force is helpful for the hydrolysis of pectin and the emulsification of waxy substances. , All some application experiments mostly use batch methods, which are carried out on overflow, jet or winch dyeing machines; there are also semi-continuous methods that use padding, stacking and washing.


Pectinase is a special pectinase produced by the use of genetically modified non-pathogenic molds through submerged fermentation. It can be continuously produced by padding and steaming at 80°C. It can also be applied to enzyme desizing. And enzyme refining one-step process. Pectinase is suitable for enzymatic scouring of knitted fabrics and woven fabrics. It can decompose the pectin in the cell wall of cotton fibers. After washing with hot water, the wax can be effectively removed, thereby providing excellent permeability to the fabric. Pectinase is compatible with most penetrants and surfactants. Chelating agents can help remove pectin and can be applied to any padding treatment equipment.

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