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What are the main points of the dyeing operation?

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1. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the high-temperature tank conveying pipeline during dyeing and washing tank.

2. Prepare materials and dyes in advance, generally 20-30 minutes in advance, stir and disperse them evenly for later use.

3. The temperature of the chemical material should not exceed 50°C, otherwise the dye will agglomerate.

4. Check whether the filter screen of the chemical tank is intact before opening the material.

5. It is forbidden to add dyes while heating up. After adding dyes, the fabric should be heated for a certain period of time (such as 5min).

6. The heating and cooling speeds must be strictly in accordance with the process curve to prevent excessive heating and cooling from causing quality problems.

7. After dyeing, the temperature should be naturally cooled to below 80℃ before opening the working door of the dyeing vat to avoid burns.

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