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What are the key points of glass glue?

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The glass glue often used in home decoration is divided into two kinds according to the performance: neutral glass glue and acid glass glue.Many people do not understand the performance of glass glue, easy to neutral glass glue and acid glass glue.Customers often say "two bottles" without saying what it is for.A long-term personnel engaged in sales of glass glue said, this is the biggest problem in the use of glass glue in home decoration.

The place that uses glass glue commonly in the home outfit has: the dumb mouth place on the back of wooden line, clean is provided, sit implement, the aperture of the makeup lens in toilet, wash one's hands pool and metope is in wait a moment, these places should use the glass glue of different performance.

Neuter glass glue stick relay is weaker, use in toilet mirror reverse side commonly these do not need very strong stick the place of relay.Neutral glass glue is used more in domestic outfit, basically because it won't corrode object, and acid glass glue is used commonly in the dumb mouth place on the back of wood line, stick relay is very strong.

The use of glass glue is also very important: be sure to prevent mildew.For example, a lot of glass glue is used in the toilet. The toilet is very wet and easy to mold, so the glass glue must be mildew proof.It's usually explained on the glass glue bottle.Additional, the glass glue with a few bad quality does not have such function at all, must recognize when buying so.

The above introduction is silicone weather resistant glue is glass glue and what are the key points of glass glue to buy, we can see the types of various materials, specific advantages, scope of application and so on when choosing glass glue.The scope of use of glass glue is very wide, but also has very strong use effect, can be used in a variety of different areas, bonding ability is very satisfactory, so we can pay more attention to these contents.

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