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What are the influencing factors of color fastness to rubbing?

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1. The influence of fabric surface morphology. Unfixed dyes are the main cause of poor color fastness to rubbing. Under dry conditions, the surface is rough or nubuck and raised fabrics are as hard as hemp fabrics, denim fabrics and pigment printing fabrics. If dry rubbing is performed, it is easy to grind off the dyes, coatings or other colored substances accumulated on the surface of the fabric, and even cause some of the colored fibers to break and form colored particles, which further reduces the color fastness to dry rubbing. For sanded or raised fabrics, the fluff on the surface of the fabric and the surface of the friction cloth are at a certain included angle, which is not parallel, so that the friction resistance of the friction head during reciprocating motion increases, and this type of fabric is resistant to drying. The color fastness to rubbing decreases.

2. The influence of fabric structure The sample surface of light and thin fabrics (usually synthetic fibers or silk fabrics) is relatively loose. During dry friction, the sample will be affected by pressure and friction. Part of the slip occurs due to the movement of the friction head, which increases the friction resistance and improves the friction efficiency. However, when performing wet friction, the situation is completely different from that of cellulose fibers.

Due to the extremely low moisture absorption of the fiber or the insignificant water puffing effect, and the presence of water acts as a lubricant, the color fastness to wet rubbing of such fabrics is significantly better than the color fastness to dry rubbing.

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