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What are the functions of pigment printing crosslinking agents?

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In pigment printing, some adhesives without self-crosslinking function are used, and an appropriate crosslinking agent is often added to improve the fixing ability of the adhesive and improve the washing and rubbing color fastness of the pigment printed fabric. Improve the heat resistance and solvent resistance of printed fabrics; at the same time, it can also reduce the curing temperature and shorten the curing time, which helps to improve the uniformity and color yield of printing.

The cross-linking agent for pigment printing can generate one or several chemical bonds on the active site of the adhesive copolymer, cross-linking the linear copolymer into a polymer active substance with a three-dimensional network structure, and also interacts with the hydroxyl, amino or The carboxyl group reacts to form a multi-component cross-linked product, which improves the bonding strength of the film on the fiber and the strength of the film itself, thereby improving the wear resistance, heat resistance and weather resistance of paint printing.

1. Conditions that should be met as a crosslinking agent

Whichever crosslinker is chosen, the following points should be considered:

(1) It has good storage stability.

(2) No low-temperature cross-linking with the binder, and does not affect the stability of the printing paste.

(3) High cross-linking density, which can improve the color fastness of printed fabrics such as washing and rubbing.

(4) It does not affect the feel of the fabric and the transparency of the adhesive film.

(5) It does not affect the color and fastness of the same-printing pigments.

(6) It can significantly reduce the crosslinking temperature of the adhesive without increasing the harmful tendencies of conjunctiva and plugging.

(7) It is safe to use, must not have or release formaldehyde, and must not contain formaldehyde in children's clothing and fabrics.

At present, the widely used crosslinking agent is mainly the condensate of polyamine compound and epichlorohydrin. It has been reported that among diethylenetriamine, triethylenetetramine and tetraethylenepentamine, the condensation product of triethylenetetramine is used. the best effect. In addition, there is also an etherified modified methylol melamine resin crosslinking agent (such as MF, HY-04, M-100, etc.), which is also used in pigment printing.

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