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What are the characteristics of the pre-processing technology for open-width cold reactors?

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1. Open fabric running

The fabric is open-width with liquid, the treatment liquid penetrates evenly, and it is stacked flat without wrinkles and stamping, maintaining good flatness. Flat-width steaming and 7 water washing can make the fabric react completely and wash thoroughly and evenly.


2. The effect is soft and even

The strong penetrant ensures the rapid penetration of chemicals into the fabric, and ensures the consistency of the fiber inside and outside. The chemical properties of the treatment solution are relatively stable under normal temperature conditions, and there is little change in continuous operation. The treatment solution has a soft and uniform effect on the fiber, which can maximize Minimize the difference in quality between batches.


3. Controllable chemical reaction

In the process of sealing and stacking at room temperature, the effective decomposition of scientifically formulated chemical agents and hydrogen peroxide can be well controlled. The scouring process is gentle, uniform and thorough, with little damage to the fiber, uniform hair effect at all points, and no decline in fiber physical indicators. The quality difference of the pre-treatment in the dyeing vat improves the reproducibility of dyeing and the first-time success rate.


4. Low tension throughout the process

Realize the low tension operation of the fabric in the whole process of padding, stacking, steaming and washing. The fiber can fully swell and release the internal stress under the condition of flatness and relaxation, which completely solves the problem of different tension in the cylinder. With wrinkles, it feels better.


5. Fabric quality and energy saving and emission reduction

The processed cotton knitted fabric has a whiteness of more than 80%, a hair effect of 8 cm/30 min, a smooth fabric with less wrinkles, high dyeing reproducibility, a neutral pH value after washing, and a lower fiber loss than the traditional heat bleaching process. 1-12%, reducing waste water discharge by more than 40%, saving steam consumption by more than 80%, saving electricity consumption by more than 40%, and the effect of energy saving and emission reduction is very significant.

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