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What are the characteristics of pigment printing?

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At present, pigment printing requires the film-forming power of a binder to fix the pigments that are insoluble in water and have no affinity and reactivity to the fabric through the action of a crosslinking agent to achieve the purpose of printing. Pigment printing has the following characteristics:

1. The color spectrum is complete, the color is bright, and the light fastness is high (only the fluorescent pigment has poor light fastness).

2. The application process is simple, the wet treatment process can be removed, there is no colored waste water, energy is saved, and it is environmentally friendly.

3. It can print fine patterns with clear contours, and is suitable for processing various fibers and blended fabrics. It can also be used for anti-dyeing and discharge printing.

4. Some fibers that cannot be printed with ordinary dyes, such as polypropylene and glass fibers, can also be printed with pigments. In view of the above-mentioned advantages of pigment printing, it is widely used in the processing of woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, woolen cloth, bed sheets, decorative cloth, etc. It is also used in the one-bath process of dyeing and finishing abroad.

5. In the color paste of pigment printing, in addition to coloring pigments, there are many auxiliary agents, including adhesives, thickeners, crosslinking agents, catalysts, emulsifiers, softeners, wetting agents, anti-migration agents, etc. , Should be selected according to the fiber and dye. The main component of the pigment printing paste is the binder, which is extremely important and directly affects the quality of the finished product. Therefore, the development of pigment printing is directly related to the development of adhesives.

6. In pigment printing, if some adhesives without self-crosslinking function are used, it is often necessary to add an appropriate crosslinking agent to improve the fixing ability of the adhesive and improve the washing resistance and friction resistance of the pigment printing. Fastness, improve their heat and solvent resistance. In addition, adding other additives is also to improve certain characteristics, in order to improve certain characteristics of the product.

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