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What are the brands of antibacterial agents?

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1. Originating from Switzerland in 1935, SANITIZED AG is the world's leading manufacturer of antibacterial hygiene functions and material protection for textiles and polymers.

In addition to silver ion and non-silver ion antibacterial, Sanitizer also has natural plant antibacterial agents.

2. Tanatex Chemical is built on the foundation of two prestigious companies in the history of textile auxiliaries (Sybron/Tanatex and Bayer, Germany).

3. Silver clear is a silver ion antibacterial agent brand from Canada.

Silver ion antibacterial agent, safe and environmentally friendly, does not contain any harmful solvents, efficient, hypoallergenic, and has the US EPA certification. Canadian secondary medical device certification. Antiviral tested and used in skin wound treatment.

4. An antimicrobial brand from the United States, Microban Products Company was established in 1984. Microban has two brands, Microban and Aegis, of which Aegis is an organic silicon quaternary ammonium salt antibacterial agent, and the Microban brand is mainly a zinc antibacterial agent.

5. Canada TRA has two brands: Ultra-Fresh and Silpure, among which Silpure is mainly silver ion antibacterial agent, Ultra-Fresh is mainly zinc, biguanide and other antibacterial and antifungal agents.

6. Founded in 1922, Rudolf Group is headquartered in Geretsried, Germany (near Munich), and is one of the world's leading suppliers of professional textile auxiliaries. At present, it has developed into a global group company with more than 20 subsidiaries and about 30 representative offices around the world.

SILVERPLUS® is a silver chloride antibacterial agent supported by fine titanium dioxide.

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