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What are the advantages of using dimethyl silicone oil as an electrical insulating medium?

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Dimethyl silicone oil(Silicone fluid) is widely used as an electrical insulating medium in the electromechanical industry. Although the electrical properties of simethicone are not stronger than general insulating oils, it has a wide range of viscosity, good thermal stability, oxidation resistance, low dielectric loss, low freezing point and vapor pressure, high flash point and ignition point, and wide temperature and frequency. Maintain good dielectric properties within the range. Moreover, it has good compatibility with other insulating materials, so it is widely used as insulation, cooling, dipping, lubrication, damping, coating and heat carrier of various transformers, capacitors, electronic equipment, components and devices, cable connection parts, etc.

Since the first use of silicone oil in transformers in 1972, none of the problems stemmed from silicone oil. On the contrary, during this period, the damage rate of non-silicone oil transformers was as high as 0.2%~0.4%. Currently, the United States, Japan, Western Europe and even the Middle East-some countries, in high-rise buildings, residential areas, schools, factories and key departments with special requirements have all used silicone oil transformers. In the 1980s, China also developed silicone oil for transformers, and transformers made from it have been operating safely in Beijing subway and other departments for many years.

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