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What are the advantages of multifunctional refined powder in the pretreatment process?

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In the printing and dyeing process, due to the impact of energy shortage and increased pressure on environmental protection, the pretreatment process is gradually developing towards a short process. Bleach stabilizer, hydrogen peroxide and other additives. Such a process has certain disadvantages for some manufacturers. On the one hand, there are many kinds of additives added, and the operation is complicated. If the control is not good, it is easy to produce cylinder difference and affect the product quality. In addition, the alkali concentration of this process is relatively high, and the weight loss rate of the fabric is relatively large.

In response to this situation, some manufacturers will use multifunctional refining powder for processing. At present, our company's multifunctional refining powder CY-125 and CY-126 are such products. It works in one body, no need to use caustic soda or reduce the amount of caustic soda in use, only need to add hydrogen peroxide, it is simple and convenient to use, significantly reduces the process cost, the process is easy to control, and fully adapts to the energy saving, water saving and time saving of today's printing and dyeing industry development trend. In addition, the final weight loss rate of the fabric treated by this product is small, the hand feels soft, the dyeing levelness and reproducibility are good, and the COD value of the treated wastewater is also reduced, which has good competitiveness in the market.

Multifunctional refining powder CY-125 is suitable for the alkali-oxygen one-bath batch pretreatment process of cotton, polyester-cotton warp and weft knitted fabrics, towels, cheeses, skeins, etc.

Multifunctional scouring powder CY-126 is suitable for intermittent and continuous pretreatment of cotton woven or knitted fabrics. It has excellent scouring effect, low alkali consumption, and low weight loss rate. It can significantly improve the hand feeling of pretreated fabrics after scouring. Hair effect; also has a strong iron ion chelation ability, which can effectively improve the oxygen bleaching hole in the fabric long-vehicle processing. It is also suitable for the same-bath processing technology with brighteners. It has good stability when compounded with brighteners, and can prevent the precipitation of dyes in brighteners during processing and use, resulting in color points and other problems.

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