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What are the advantages of agricultural silicone synergists?

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 The advantages of agricultural silicone synergists

1. It can significantly enhance the adhesion and spreading force of the liquid medicine on the body surface of plants or pests, and improve the utilization rate of pesticides.


2. Promote the penetration of systemic medicament through stomata, improve the resistance to rain erosion, and no need to respray when it rains.


3. It can reduce the amount of pesticide use and water consumption per unit area, reduce pesticide pollution, reduce pesticide residues, save time, labor, and drugs, and increase economic benefits.


4. It can be used in conjunction with pesticides, pesticides, herbicides, plant growth regulators, foliar fertilizers, trace elements, biological pesticides and other agricultural chemicals.


5. Organic silicon agricultural spray additives can help save 70% of the water. If they can be effectively promoted, they will undoubtedly relieve the increasingly tense water resources in our country.

The characteristics of agricultural organosilicon synergist

 1. Quickly moisturize crops: The organic silicon solution can easily wet almost all kinds of leaf surfaces, so that the liquid can reach places that are difficult to wet (such as pests at the bottom of the leaf), and promote the rapid absorption of the liquid.


2. Significantly improve the efficacy: silicone additives have strong resistance to rain erosion and penetration, can significantly improve the effective utilization rate of pesticides, increase the efficacy of 30-50% (reduce the amount used by 30-50%), and have an impact on the environment. Safety.


3. Increase the spraying area: The outstanding feature of agricultural silicone additives is the super expansion ability, rapid expansion, and the expansion area is much larger than that of ordinary liquids (172 times the expansion area of water), thus greatly increasing the contact of the chemical liquid to kill the target opportunity.


4. Save water, labor and money: Adding agricultural silicone additives in the spraying process can reduce the amount of pesticides and water used per unit area, reduce labor, and reduce labor costs

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