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What Are The Methods To Improve Sublimation Fastness?

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  1. Choose high-temperature, macromolecular (higher than 350) disperse dyes;

2. Selection of additives, choose color-fixing agents and fastness-enhancing agents with good effects;

3. The choice of process flow, whether to set the shape at once or to set the shape at high temperature first and then use low-temperature rolling aids.

Among them, the selection of additives can be divided into two parts: color fixing agent after dyeing and fastness improving agent during high temperature setting. The color-fixing agent can use the conventional caustic soda + insurance powder method. This method has good color-fixing effect, but it requires a large amount of waste water, is time-consuming, and has potential safety hazards. You can also choose new environmentally friendly color fixing agents, such as Sylic D2801, which has the same color fixing effect as the traditional caustic soda + insurance powder method, and has less waste water, saves time, and has no safety hazards. It is of great significance to energy saving and consumption reduction production.

fixing agent D2801

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