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Ups and downs suddenly, the downstream is ready to fall into the market! This week, silicone has ushered in a new round of market? Trend analysis

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Last week, due to the poor orders received by the leading monomer factories and the impact of high inventory, it took the lead in breaking the price-preserving situation. The whole line of products was reduced by 500, and the bullish atmosphere turned cold in an instant. /t interval. As a weather vane, individual single factories in Shandong have risen one day and fell one day, and the quotation was 26,200 yuan/ton as of Sunday. The upstream raw material silicon metal fell overcast and methyl chloride rose, and the cost support was acceptable.

Judging from the repeated adjustments of individual single factories, the profit margin is limited, and the downstream is basically operating with low inventory, and there is a need for inventory. It's just that the market's bearishness is deepened under the local high inventory. Therefore, the upstream and downstream are more sensitive at the critical critical point of this game. There is a little movement in the single factory. .

Overall, the new production capacity of the single plant in May will continue to advance, which will benefit the downstream market in the long run. Everyone's vision can't help but take a long view. The mentality of entering the market is relatively firm. Maybe only the upstream can give enough temptation to drive the enthusiasm of the downstream. This week Will a new round of price wars start again?

107 rubber market: Due to the rising and falling of local DMCs, the 107 rubber market also rose and fell. Under this turbulent mood, the order follow-up was insufficient, and the real price was slow. From the perspective of the supply side: after a series of high-level downgrades and low-level rebound operations, the quotations of 107 rubber are basically unified at around 27,200 yuan/ton. However, the price is uniform, and the inventory varies greatly. Some monomer factories have orders for 107 rubber until the end of the month, while the 107 rubber inventory of individual monomer factories may reach more than one month. Therefore, the overall supply side is under great pressure, and it is not ruled out that the price is facing differentiation. , and local profit-making facilitates the transaction.

From the perspective of demand, the downstream market continues to show differentiation. Although the real estate industry has favorable policies, the downward pressure continued in April, and it will take some time for the subsequent recovery. For construction rubber, it is difficult to release the short-term demand quickly. However, driven by the increase in installed capacity, photovoltaic glue maintains a high degree of prosperity, and the demand for 107 glue is relatively optimistic.

On the whole, the demand side has been running weakly recently. Silicone rubber factories have maintained on-demand purchases under stable prices, and the transaction volume is limited. It is expected that 107 rubber will fall slightly this week, and the downstream will follow up appropriately.

Silicone oil market: Last week, domestic silicone oil was stable and rose slightly. As of May 13, the domestic silicone oil quotation was 31500-32500 yuan / ton. At the weekend, some DMCs went down again, and the cost-side support of silicone oil was weak. Because silicone oil companies faced different customer groups, the order volume was differentiated, and the inventory and capital flow of each company were quite different. Therefore, the current high and low prices of silicone oil coexist. Foreign brands of silicone oil continue to operate at a high level. In order to promote transactions, some agents will withdraw funds to prepare for the next round of market transactions, and the room for negotiation of cash transactions has expanded. As far as we know, the price of foreign brand silicone oil is 36,000-38,000 yuan / ton, and the downward range is between 1,000-1,500 yuan / ton.

On the demand side, the demand for downstream domestic textiles, daily chemicals, and silicone rubber has not improved much, and there is a heavy resistance to high-priced supply. In terms of export orders, the poor logistics in the past month has had a great impact. Foreign trade companies have deepened their bearishness on silicone oil, temporarily suppressing purchasing demand, in order to obtain more room for negotiation. However, silicone oil companies are still biased towards follow-up export orders. optimism. In the short term, the focus is still on the situation of emotional control and the implementation of the resumption of work in East China.

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