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Trial production in May! The 70 thousand tons/year organic silicon project is under construction

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Since this year, the Development and Reform Bureau of Xiaoting District has paid close attention to the construction of provincial and municipal key projects, and a large number of high-quality projects have been steadily promoted, setting off a new upsurge of project construction in the whole district.

With the roaring of machines and the full cooperation of the construction personnel, the construction site was in full swing. Project owners seize the time node, reasonable arrangement of the construction period, to ensure that the project progress and quality of both. At present, the main body of the project has been basically completed, and the peripheral supporting infrastructure is being constructed. It is expected that the pilot production will be in the middle of May this year.

It is reported that the project, with a total investment of 260 million yuan and an area of 48 mu, will start construction in September 2020, which is one of the municipal key construction projects in 2021 declared by Xiaoting District. After the completion of the project, it will effectively expand and extend the organic silicon material industry chain of Xingfa Group Yichang New Material Industrial Park, and promote the rapid development of the organic silicon industry to the direction of high-end and green.

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