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The "price rise storm" continues!

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Silicone oil market: last week, DMC market prices high pull up, to the silicon oil market cost support surface continues to strengthen. As the cost pressure brought by raw materials is getting higher and higher, domestic silicone oil manufacturers also followed the cost of a small increase. Downstream silicone rubber, textile, daily chemical and other industries continue to just need to take the model, but in the overall market continues to rise, some downstream manufacturers do not want to wait, a small amount of replenishment, the new single transaction atmosphere of silicone oil significantly improved. In addition, a foreign company in June on the domestic agent supply reduction, at the same time by the impact of public health events, the impact of imported brand silicone oil supply is tight, so the dealer price mentality has increased unabated, the price is stable in the rise. But the current market bearish factors still exist, affected by seasonal factors, the terminal industry into the traditional off-season, to the textile industry as an example, summer orders end, new autumn and winter orders are rare, some textile mills moderate production inventory. Generally speaking, the domestic terminal demand is weak, which restraints the market rise. However, it is expected that there will be some room for the silicon oil market offer to rise in the near future due to the positive boost from the cost end.

107 silicone rubber market: last week in the support of high DMC, the domestic 107 rubber market as a whole is good, offer stable in a narrow upward. At present, most of the manufacturers are scheduled to ship according to the pre-sale orders in May. The inventory is controllable and the price attitude is strong. Affected by seasonal factors and high raw material prices, the downstream still has a certain resistance to psychology, but in the hope of falling again and again, and the stock of raw materials is at a low level, some silicone rubber factory afraid to rise again, just need to purchase at the same time the right amount of cover positions, last week 107 rubber new single volume increased. But the terminal real estate industry starts slow progress, the downstream silicone glue demand is weak, how much will suppress 107 glue market upward power, to bring some restraint to the market, 107 glue market is expected to be strong in the short term, the possibility of late rise is not likely.

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