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The origin of spandex fiber and its main properties?

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Spandex fiber is a kind of elastic fiber. Spandex fiber is collectively referred to as Spandex abroad. The trade name of our country is spandex. In fact, spandex is only a large category of elastic fiber. Polyurethane Fibre is referred to as PU fiber, there are two varieties, one is made of aromatic diisocyanate and polyester segment containing hydroxyl group inlaid copolymer, referred to as polyester spandex, the other variety is made of aromatic diisocyanate and containing Hydroxyl polyether segment mosaic copolymer, referred to as polyether spandex. The representative trade name of polyester spandex is Vyrent, and the representative trade name of polyether spandex is Lyera.

The main properties of spandex fibers are: usually have an elongation of more than 500% to 700%, and have good elastic recovery performance. Retraction was 97% at 200% elongation and over 99% at 50% elongation.

The relative density of various spandex is relatively small, generally 1.20-1.25, the breaking strength is 4.41-8.82cN/tex (0.5-1.0g/denier), polyester spandex has lower strength, and polyether spandex has higher strength. The moisture absorption rate is generally 0.3%-1.2%, the moisture absorption rate of multifilament is slightly higher than that of monofilament, and the heat resistance is generally stored at 95-150℃ for a short time without damaging the fiber, and the safe ironing temperature is below 150℃.

The fibers burn slowly and form a gelatinous residue after burning. Excellent dyeing performance, can dye a variety of colors, strong affinity for dyes. It has good acid and alkali resistance, can be bleached, and is not moldy.

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