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The influence of amino silicone oil and different properties on the feel of the fabric(2)

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2 Smooth handle

Because the surface tension of organosilicon compounds is very small, so the amino silicon microemulsion is easy to spread on the surface of the fiber, forming a good smooth feel.In general, the smaller the ammonia value, the greater the molecular weight of amino silicone oil, the better the smoothness.In addition, terminal amino silicone oil because of the chain of silicon atoms are all connected with methyl, can form a very neat directional arrangement, thus obtaining excellent smooth feel.

3 Elasticity (fullness)

The elasticity (fullness) of the fabric given by the amino silicone oil softener varies with the reactivity, viscosity and ammonia value of the silicone oil.In general, the elasticity of the fabric depends on the cross-linking of the amino silicon film on the surface of the fabric when the fabric is dried and set.A. The higher the ammonia value of amino silicone oil with hydroxyl group, the better the fullness (elasticity).B. The introduction of hydroxyl in the side chain can greatly adjust the elasticity of the fabric.C. The introduction of long chain alkyl on side chain can also obtain ideal elastic feel.D. The ideal elastic effect can also be obtained by selecting the appropriate crosslinking agent.

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