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The freight rate

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The freight rate of South American routes also showed a skyrocketing trend. Mainly due to the severe spread of the epidemic in many local countries, it has stimulated the growth of transportation demand for some daily necessities and medical supplies.


The Shanghai Export Container Freight Index (SCFI) shows that the freight rate (sea freight and ocean freight surcharges) for exports from Shanghai to the basic port market in South America has increased for 8 consecutive weeks.


In the past month, the freight rate in the South American market has doubled. On August 14, the freight rate was US$1309/TEU, and on September 11, it had reached US$2,901/TEU. It also skyrocketed 30% from the previous week.


Corresponding to the continued increase in freight rates, many liner companies have announced a new round of suspension plans in consideration of the upcoming Chinese "Eleventh" Golden Week holiday and the better benefits brought about by capacity control.


Including 2M alliance Maersk, Mediterranean Shipping, THE alliance, etc., have announced the latest suspension arrangements for October, which has attracted widespread attention from the industry.


Some people believe that the current market demand is rapidly recovering, and liner companies should comply with demand, increase capacity supply, and ensure stable supply and demand, instead of controlling capacity and taking the opportunity to increase freight rates.


To this end, relevant departments have also taken action.


On September 11, 14 liner companies operating trans-Pacific routes were invited to participate in a consultation organized by the Ministry of Transport, with the purpose of stabilizing the international container shipping market.


According to the executives of the liner companies attending the meeting, the Ministry of Transport mainly inquired about the liner companies about the suspension arrangement mechanism between July and October, and the current rapid increase in the freight rate of the trans-Pacific route, and improved the freight rate. Recording system, put forward improvement requirements.

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