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The cause of silicon spot and its treatment technology

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Cotton are adding some additives in pretreatment and dyeing process can remove the impurity in the fiber, improve cotton brilliance, but after dyed hair feel hard, in order to improve the feel of cotton and performance, in the last procedure, add organic silicon softener, the cloth found there are a lot of small black spots on the surface of fabric, namely, silicon spot.

From the analysis of molecular structure, the main components of silicone softener Si 0 and structure CH3 -- 0 SiC2H6 -- Si 1 (1 -- 0 SiC2H6 1) N -- SiC2H6 Xx were more than 100 alkyl n. Since the molecules of organosilicon softener are chain structure, the softener type is pumped into the machine after being stirred by the pump. The softener circulates through the pump in the dyeing cylinder, breaking the chain structure of the molecules of organosilicon, resulting in demulsification (bleed-oil) of organosilicon, and sticking to the surface of the fabric, forming silicon spots. Soap washing and hot washing could not be removed. After a long time of exploration, we finally chose biological enzyme treatment to remove the silicon spot.


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