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The Reason of Wind Marks on Sizing Polyester Woven Fabric

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Compared with the non-sizing polyester woven fabric or knitted fabric, the sizing polyester woven fabric has a long dyeing and finishing process, and most of the additives used in spinning and weaving have been removed. However, the additives used in dyeing and post-processing may still have a small amount of residue in the fabric and the free water it carries.

In addition, although two hot washings and one acid washing have been carried out after desizing, the caustic soda used in desizing may still remain in a small amount inside the single fiber of the polyester fiber, or even inside the amorphous area.

Similarly, in the process of stacking the fabrics before they are finalized, free water can carry residual alkali and additives to the reciprocating fold. At this time, the pH value of the reciprocating fold is more alkaline than other parts of the fabric. This is confirmed by the universal indicator, and the concentration of the auxiliary agent is also greater than that of other parts. During the high-temperature setting process of the fabric, the polyester macromolecular chain moves violently, and the OH- ion can instantly penetrate into the amorphous region with the water molecule and react with the disperse dye.

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