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Simple analysis of the development of printing and dyeing industry

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The textile printing and dyeing industry is a high energy consumption, high pollution and labor-intensive industry. In recent years, the printing and dyeing industry has basically maintained stable operation through structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading. With the decline in printing and dyeing cloth output, the industry’s main business income, profit and other economic indicators have achieved growth, indicating that the development of my country’s printing and dyeing industry has changed from scale to Quality-effective transformation. However, it should be noted that while the printing and dyeing industry is consolidating its development, it still faces many problems: First, the coverage of advanced applicable technologies that play an important role in improving enterprise production efficiency, energy saving and consumption reduction is small, and the application of automation equipment technology is still in the initial stage; Second, countries and regions represented by Southeast Asia and South Asia have continuously increased their international market share by virtue of conditions such as cost and resource concessions; third is the continuous escalation of environmental protection pressures, the implementation of new environmental protection laws, wastewater discharge, air emissions and other laws and regulations Enterprises bring stratified pressure. In the new stage of development, it is an urgent task for the research and development of printing and dyeing equipment to respond to the loss of my country's demographic dividend through the intelligentization of equipment and to promote the green and environmental protection of the production process. The printing and dyeing industry must take transformation and upgrading as the direction, improve quality and efficiency as a means, and rely on technological innovation and management innovation to enhance the industry's operational capabilities.

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