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Silicone trend again waves! Latest trend forecast!

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107 silicone rubber market: last week in the raw material end continued to go good situation, 107 rubber market overall offer to the upward trend. On the one hand, under the influence of environmental supervision, Zhejiang area load reduction start, sealing phenomenon increased, cost support strengthened; , on the other hand, the downstream demand is stable and silicone rubber manufacturer of low inventory replenishment actively, under the buy or not to buy up mentality, the new single volume increased, but the summer temperatures rise, limited working outdoors, limits the silicone rubber market demand, but just need business support for the market is still strong, the current domestic manufacturer established in June to sign new single is given priority to, to manufacturer's price is stronger, May 107 glue offer stable. But due to individual DMC callback, the downstream also has the right amount of cover positions, coupled with the traditional off-season, 107 glue is expected to weaken in June.

Silicone oil market: last week domestic silicone oil prices rose. Supply side, Zhejiang partial enterprise equipment parking maintenance, market supply is tight, most of the large manufacturers in the hands of the overall supply tightening. In terms of cost, the recent DMC market recovery, market inventory continues to reduce, the price remains high, the cost support is good, conducive to the silicon oil market up. Overall, the current silicone oil inventory is still in a low position, the current market atmosphere is better, enterprises to small, short single. Demand side, just need to give priority to domestic downstream, but influenced by buy or not to buy up state of mind, the downstream industry with the positive, silicone new single follow up good, worthy of attention is that foreign silicone oil orders, still is the hot state, many manufacturers export orders to the middle of June, but the influence of foreign outbreak, silicone oil demand can be sustained warming remains unclear. At present, the domestic silicone oil mainstream manufacturers offer 29000-30000 yuan/ton. The supply of imported silicone oil continues to be tight, and the foreign negotiation space of agents is also very limited. The quotation is 30,000-34,000 yuan/ton.

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