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Silicone strong rebound! Latest trend forecast!

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Last week, the silicon market was immersed in an undercurrent atmosphere. After the meeting, the situation became clear, DMC was stable and bullish, and the market atmosphere was changed. Many downstream manufacturers with low inventories immediately started the replenishing mode, and some monomer factories controlled the quantity and received orders. And the rebound of prices for downstream manufacturers, is another blow, not easy to rise profits once again decline, high raw materials hate ah! Although the replenishment tide has begun, but more manufacturers are flexible procurement according to their own needs, has not risen to the stage of stockpiling, after all, in the face of high costs downstream manufacturers can not afford. It is expected that the quotation of DMC will rise slightly this week, but the increase space is not large, stable price mainly, after the right amount of downstream cover, upstream price and downstream hope to fall may form a seesaw.

The 107 silicone rubber market: the 107 rubber market, which has been weakening steadily for a period of time, rises with the overall offer after the rebound of DMC price, with a partial increase of 500 yuan/ton. Raw material cost surface support is strong, so that the downstream manufacturers should be calm and so on fall restless, low inventory manufacturers continue to replenish, in order to prevent the price to rise again, 107 glue market deal picked up significantly. Although downstream manufacturers are trying to replenish, but in the face of high costs, the idea of a large stockpile of goods is not much. Import 107 glue with the improvement of the domestic market, traders profit space is also reduced. Overall, this week is expected to 107 glue price stability, there may be a small rise, and as the cover orders can not continue, the market will also be significantly limited space.

Silicone oil market: monomer plant last week suddenly price rebound "ceng" once again, and following the steps of monomer factory of silicone oil market, the price also conveniently stabilizing stay up, to see the overall market run from weak to strong, the downstream manufacturers unavoidable began to worry, for a moderate amount of replenishment in panic, market dynamic excitation, silicone oil have obvious rebound in early new single volume. And the market is about to enter the traditional off-season, the downstream obviously will not be large quantities of goods, more flexible purchase. However, the overseas market of silicone oil still maintains a good order volume, and many manufacturers' export orders have been arranged to June and July. Under the influence of foreign epidemic situation, the stable supply of imported material silicone oil is still full of variables, and the possibility of high price is large. From the current trend, the silicon oil market is expected to run in the short term.

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