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Silicone rubber suspended to receive orders

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Silicone rubber market: the current hard to find a piece of raw rubber without a little relief, the early order delivery is constantly delayed, mixing rubber manufacturers start and stop, exchange, raw rubber is a rare commodity, traders supply is also in the low state, the market transactions are mainly small single high price. Mixed rubber affected by the raw rubber, each region are slow delivery of suppliers, spot scarcity in the field phenomenon, the quotation is chaotic, the suspension of orders is common, most of the current enterprise orders have been scheduled to December, all the factories are queuing to pull goods. In the short term, raw material DMC and raw rubber spot will continue to be in short supply, and the continuously extended arrival rate will accumulate, gradually expand the market gap and aggravate the imbalance between supply and demand. It is expected that the price of afternoon raw rubber and mixed rubber will continue to run at a high level.

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